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Renu Kumar

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Renu Kumar (Founder/Artistic Director/Choreographer and Principal Dancer) has worked as a master teacher and performer in Modern Indian/Bollywood/Folk dancing in the United States since 1986. Originally from Muzaffarnager, Uttar Pradesh, India, Renu has extensive training in Classical North Indian Kathak, Folk, Bollywood and graduated from Meerut University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and a Master's in Political Science. She was trained in many art forms which including painting, graphic design, computer animation, and photography. These skills have provided her with the background for her artistic expression and are heavily utallized in her work as a primarily as an Artistic Director.

Dance has been her passion since childhood. Her work covers an impressive range, from virtuoso traditional exposition of Modern Indian dance, through large-scale and always arresting adaptations of classics, to boldly innovative creative collaborations with choreographers, designers, writers, directors and musicians. She sees dance as a primary medium of artistic discourse. For her, dance is like a form of yoga, which synchronizes the inner biorhythms with the movements of the body. Her life motto is LOVE, SMILE, PRAY, DANCE, AND DREAM!!

Renu has been honored with several awards for performances, innovative directing and choreography. Renu and her selected charities have been honored with awards from Indian Association of Minnesota 2017, (IAM), Dr. Dash Foundation (2016 & 2015), the Hindu Society of Minnesota (2012), and the Travelers Insurance group (2011). Her work has been profiled by TV Asia, Plymouth Magazine, as well as several local and Asian TV channels and radio stations. She has been an honorary judge for the shows Vibha-Taal (2009, 2010, 2014) and "Natya Manjari" (2015).


Renu founded RGK Modern Indian Dance Academy in 2004: To serve as a leading voice for exhilarating and beautiful Bollywood, Folk, Contemporary, Semi Classical, Modern Indian dance movements. This professional academy is acclaimed for its diverse and versatile artists, students, performing work that draws together modern dance, Indian classical Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Folk and the Western dancing, like Salsa, hip-hop, belly dancing, and jazz. Since it’s founding, the Academy has served over 1350 students and created more than 66 innovative new works both locally and internationally, including Academy’s Thirteen annual musical Bollywood dance dramas here in Minnesota. With the help of many volunteers, she writes, choreographs, directs, designs and creates these shows asa way to demonstrat the power of art.

Brings community together: Bollywood dance dramas here in Minnesota. With the help of many volunteers, she writes, choreographs, directs, designs and creates these shows as a way to demonstrate the power of art. Brings community together: RGK Dance Academy brings together many like-minded people. Together we form a vibrant community dedicated to dance, diversity, and inclusivity. RGK produces shows that reflect multi-cultural experiences within the community as well as shows that are cross-cultural.

At R.G.K., Renu celebrates youth and makes learning fun: Students participate in creation, interpretations and production of an original art inspired by culture of India.  RGK not only teaches Bollywood dancing, but we offer our students opportunities to perform and experience theater arts. Renu loves children and has a passion to teach them a part of rich Indian culture through dance and art. She believes that every child is deserving of respect, love, food, and education.

Empowers Women and Children in encouraging well-being through Bollywood dance/yoga exercise and having an avenue to express their day to day lives, strengths, problems, health, and social injustices on the stage.  For example, Cauvery, 2011 an annual RGK show, depicts the story of an immigrant woman’s experience in America and the challenges she faces.  Celebration of life, our 2007 show, is a story of a teen girl suffering with cancer, and Cocoon, our 2013 show, is a story of four good friends who want to be out of their “cocoon” and be free like a butterfly.  A few other examples include DOOR 2014, (open the door to your dreams), a story of an adopted girl who has a passion to become Miss America, and DANCING BARE FEET, 2017, a humorous saga of a young girl's emotional journey, woven with elements of nature and the riveting steps of Dancing Bare Feet.

Gives Back to Society: RGK Academy organizes annual charity shows to raise funds for different local and international charity organizations. Our yearly shows have benefited organizations such as AshaUSA Second Harvest Heartland of Minnesota, the Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota American Cancer Society of MN, Children's Hospital (cancer research), Red Cross (MN Tornado relief fund), Vibha (underprivileged children fund), Unite for Sight (free surgery for those in need) CRY America (child rights & you) and Hindu Temple of Minnesota. In addition to these, the academy also helps other nonprofit organizations in raising money through our dances and shows. See rgkdance.org/events.htm for a complete list of these annual shows.

Promotes Awareness of Indian Dance and Culture in the wide community: Our aim is to teach our culture and tell stories through dance. RGK Academy has brought awareness of Indian culture and dance to Minnesota though 14 RGK original Bollywood productions in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, with hundreds of performances given throughout the academy.

Minnesota Fringe Festival 2017, Hennepin Library of MN 2017, IAM (Indian Association of Minnesota), India Fest, and, Connect India, Pan Asian Pacific 2017, 2015, Hindu Society of MN Holi Show, 2017, Punjabhi show 2017, 2015, Spring Lake High School's Diversity celebration 2015, Celebration of Asia, at University of MN, Duluth. November 22, 2014, Diwali Celebration, Gustavus Adolphus College, Oct. 23, 2014, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Annual Dinner, May 9, 2014, Minnesota Twins Fest 2013, AAPIOS American Association of Physicians of Indian Origins 2014, Asian Pacific Dragon Festival 2012, Hollywood Movie: Problem Solving the Republic 2012, IAM (Indian Association of Minnesota) 2012, 2011, Minnesota TWINS 2011, Mall of America 2011, General Mills 2011, Art of Living 2011, Girls Scout 2011, Northfield 2011, 2010 HeartLink Gala Celebrate the Beauty of Healing An exploration of South Asian Dance & Music, TARGET An exploration of South Asian Dance & Music, Boston Scientific Company in Minnesota -South Asian countries Independence day celebration (2009), Hennepin County Human Services & Public Health Dept's Asia Event (2009), Festival of Nations (2009, 2010), Taro Ki Raat(2008) for Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), Human Society Fox Berry Show (2008), Festival of India (2007), SEWA-AIFW (2007 & 08), APCC Asian Pacific Cultural Center MN (2007), Asian American Cultural Center Austin, TX (2007), University of Minnesota ISA shows (2004,05,06), Rangolsaw (Kerala Cultural Forum of MN 2007), Where the Brahmaputra Meets the Mississippi(2006,07), PIC Society (2006,07,2017), Many Meilas and Fairs in the local community and other cities of MN for temples -Hindu Society of Minnesota Diwali and Holi shows (1998,99,2000,2001,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,2014),
Geeta Ashram Diwali and Holi shows (1998,99,2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,2010), Kumbhabhishekam for the new temple (2006 and 07), Spring festival -Vaisakhi Mela (Sikh Society of MN 2003,04,05,06,07,08,15), Vishnew Temple, Masala Camps (2004,05,09, 15), Multicultural Night from Garden City Elementary School(04), lots of other communities, companies, schools, colleges, universities cultural events.

  Vision & Mission  

R.G.K. Modern Indian Dance Academy is preserving and promoting Indian heritage and committed to helping the community through dances, art, theater. RGK Dance's support community cause through its annual fundraising productions for different charities and strives to Empower Women, Childern and bring the community together without any differences.


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